Wstx sr validatingstreamreader

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Hi All, I am using Aspose Cells for Java and am getting below error after deploying the web applicaiton on Jboss server on Linux lang. Cells Font Dir("/home/usr/test/winfont"); Thanks for the response.

Illegal Argument Exception: Cannot find required font definition[Family: Arial, Style:0]. I dont get this error when I run this program on local mahcine, but I am getting tis error when I runing this on server. Regards, Abhinav Hi, Thanks for your posting and using Aspose. Currently this code is sitting on a Server, so I am not sure if there is a font directory on the server.

Wood Stox only exposes the following packages to an OSGi environment:wstx.wstx.wstx.wstx.Is there an analogous class in one of the above packages that could be used.

We recommend you to kindly try our latest version of the product (e.g v7.7.x (JAVA)) as we did remove some inter dependencies jars and have written/included our own custom XML parsers to perform some XML operations in the product.

In the new versions, we we have removed the conflicting "wstx" jar in the product, so you should not find this exception any more.

So now I am stuck here and unable to find why this is happening?

Note: In search of this problem, I found this answer on aspose forum but it is not helpful and feasible(to check all the classes present in jars placed in lib).

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