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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dating since the fall of 2015, just a few months after their respective splits from Gavin Rossdale and Miranda Lambert.And since then, how many times have we heard that Gwen is pregnant with Blake's baby? It's like every single time we turn around, someone somewhere is swearing up and down that Gwake is expecting, and every single time it turns out to be a lie.She's got the money, the confidence, and the power. "Bad motherfucker / God complex." — "Don't Hurt Yourself" feat. Bey is ready to be on the forefront of the fight against racism, and she's ready to bring the thunder. "How I missed you, my love." — "All Night"In the end, Bey does indicate that she will stay with Jay Z.Jack White That's, for sure, a direct callout to Jay Z, also known as H. Even after all that previous girl-power talk, she remembers what they were like together at their best, and that's enough for her to continue working on the relationship with him.19.Beyonce’s father has confirmed the arrival of her twins.The 35-year-old singer and her husband Jay Z - who already have five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy together - were believed to have welcomed the two newest additions to their brood after reports of the birth surfaced in the early hours of Sunday morning, and now the star’s father Mathew Knowles has confirmed the happy news.

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According to there are now two more humans with Queen Bey's DNA living, breathing, and — one day — walking this planet, and none of us are worthy.

And our hearts can only take so much disappointment, you know?

So there better be some truth to this new report from OK! As a source explains to the magazine, Gwen and Blake are "head over heels in love," and at least we know that much is true.

was written with enough details and hints for us, the listeners, to obsess over. There are so many things to talk about with this album (I myself am currently in five separate deep-dive text chains about WHAT THE HELL IT ALL MEANS), but we're starting here, with the 19 most controversial lyrics we heard on the 12-track album. " — "Love Drought"Being thirsty is never a good thing.14.

The album itself is a journey of denial, confrontation, and, ultimately, forgiveness. When Bey gives you "Pray You Catch Me"The first line of the album is introducing the whole "Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé" idea. "He better call Becky with the good hair." — "Sorry" Becky is a slang term used to refer to white women with straight hair, so essentially a basic b*tch. "And daddy liked his whisky with his tea."Daddy made me right / It wasn't always right / But he said girl it's your Second Amendment, oh, oh, oh." — "Daddy Lessons"The Second Amendment allusion is referencing Beyoncé's own thoughts about gun violence and gun control. "(Good job Bey, hahaha)" — "Daddy Lessons"Blue Ivy's voice-over makes this song eerily personal. "You and me would stop this love drought." — "Love Drought"Bey's pissed, but saying there's hope to get out of the drought.15— "Sandcastles"Comparing their relationship to a sandcastle, though, is implying that it may not be meant to last, and can easily be washed out to sea and scattered.

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