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It's much easier to keep current than manually download new releases from the oracle web-page than with a simple apt.The default version can easily be switched with should do the trick. "No matching packaging method was found for jdk-8u121-linux-arm32gz.This first method only works if you already have Java installed.It’s not useless, though — it will protect you from accidentally installing the Ask Toolbar and other junk when you install one of the many security updates Java needs because it’s horrifically insecure. To access it, press your Windows Key once to bring up the Start menu or Start screen and type Java. Click over to the Advanced tab and scroll down to the very bottom — yes, they hid this option at the very bottom of the Advanced list.I have received the error message "Java update did not complete.Error Code: 1603" for months whenever I tried to update the Java installation on a PC running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

updating java-59

updating java-72

It did list one entry for error 1603 but revealed no information other than it is indicating "that an installation did not complete" and that the error is under investigation.

We’re not sure exactly when this option was added, but it appears to have been sometime in July or August 2014.

I do not know how to update it, and installing a newer version does not replace the existing one.

A dependency on java X-runtime means that the package can work with any runtime which implements version X.

Runtimes should provide all virtual packages which they support, so openjdk 6 provides java2-runtime, java5-runtime and java6-runtime.

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