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There have been rumors for weeks that the two are dating, which of course, seem ridiculous.

The Oklahoma country boy and the California reggae rocker getting it on? Just because two people are suddenly unattached, and within proximity of each other doesn’t mean they’ll automatically jump each other’s bones. Or, “reporting” a “romance” is good PR for the subjects careers–not to mention the tv show they star on.

In a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS radio show, Gwen coyly refused to confirm or deny she and Blake are getting it on.

“I’m not going to answer that right now, Ryan, Gwen said, “I think I’ve given enough of myself this morning to you. ”But then, near the end of the interview, Gwen tips her hand: “I think that NBC did that.

“The first night we hung out,” Slate said, “I thought I could hang out with Chris for like 90 hours.” Ninety hours! reports that rumors of the two being a couple started spreading in March after the pair went on a double date with Evans’ brother (you could have been there, because the guy was auctioning off dates just a few months ago! Slate’s divorce was just announced this month, so prepare for lots of headlines about Captain America stealing hearts and wives as this relationship continues to be in the news.

Slate was still married at the time so maybe they were just friends then!





reveals that the pair talked about how close they were despite only knowing each other for a few months. But they’re a couple now, according to an inside source (which makes us wonder how long it will be before it’s safe to start asking Slate whether Evans does that whole whipped-cream bikini thing at home or nah).But we can't help but notice that Bella put on her nicest dress and even bought flowers for Gregg's "mum", which usually only do when you're really trying to impress someone's parents... And he couldn't help but notice how good she looks in their jersey.I am proud to say: I have converted @bellathorne into becoming an Arsenal fan!Ain’t nothing wrong with a little rebound action after a painful bust up.In case you’ve just returned from a 6 month wilderness retreat, or a trip to outer space: Blake divorced fellow country music star, Miranda Lambert, in July. Via TMZ: Our sources say Gwen made the decision at the last minute to fly to Nashville with Blake.

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