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We are part of The Stepping Stones Group, which includes our family of special education brands such as; Cumberland, My Therapy Company, Alpha Vista, SOS and Pathways to Speech.

We work in some of the largest districts throughout the US, with continual access to our clinical teams for support and guidance - no matter where you're located!

He can always be relied upon to deliver well-informed, often counter-intuitive analyses and opinions in an accessible way.

"It is critical for the residents and leaders of Portola Valley to know the exact location of the fault -- an active fault near public buildings and structures," said co-author Chester T. "Modern technology -- Li DAR -- and modern techniques made it possible for us to see the bare ground, interpret correctly where old photographs were taken and identify the fault trace." The 1906 earthquake changed the landscape of Portola Valley, breaking rock formations, cracking roads, creating landslides and forcing other changes masked by vegetation. Banner, then a geology professor at Stanford, was among the scientists who, along with his students, submitted their observations of the 1906 fault rupture to the California Earthquake Commission to include in an official compilation of the cause and affects of the earthquake.

With easy access to the area, local professors and photographers from Stanford created a rich trove of field observations, photos and drawings. While the compilation, published in 1908, contained a final conclusion that the earthquake ruptured along a single fault trace in Portola Valley, a key map of that trace -- Map 22 -- included unintentional errors of the fault location.

A sought after keynote speaker across the globe, Klein has given over 700 keynote speeches, training programs, and popular lectures to groups in North America and in 22 countries, including India, Morocco, Croatia, Turkey, and China.

He has spoken at almost 100 American colleges and universities; to dozens of physician dinner meetings; to groups of Jews, Catholics, and atheists; to tired social workers and energetic sex-toy saleswomen.

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