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I have a rough recording of an improvised electric guitar solo that I recorded in Audacity using an M-Audio M-Track, as well as a video recording made using a webcam.

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The guitar should be set up so there is null or minimal string buzz; this type of noise is distracting, detracts from the performance, and cannot be fixed in the mix.If you have already recorded an audio track and a video - and there is no audio on the video to help with the matching process, you can use a video editing program such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Elements to slow down or remove frames from the video and/or alter the playback speed of the audio to get them to line up. After all my trial and error, I finally arrived on what I believe to be the easiest and most effective way to produce a video, with a separate, clean audio track to go with the video.To do this, you will want to record both the video and audio - (with all the ambient noise and extraneous sounds you want to eliminate from the room), with your video recorder - at the SAME time you are recording your clean audio from the direct signal being output from your guitar.At less expensive level you have to work "hard sometimes" with sync.Having a good program like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere helps.

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