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It’s a novel that follows Pete, who one day finds himself falling head over heels for the beautiful Joy — a pole dancer in a Bangkok go-go bar.

It becomes clear that Joy is not all that she seems as Pete falls deeper and deeper in the web of sex, drugs and deceit she has spun for them both.

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Billing period is beginning about your expectations and look for the south african the best dating site online or other.When I started researching all the books that had been written about the City of Angels, one thing was certain: there are a hell of a lot of books about sex in Bangkok. There are lots of young people making their way here, and the Thai standard of beauty is legendary the world over. Aside from the visible face of prostitution here, there’s no doubt that this is a city of beautiful people.Undoubtedly an enjoyable and eye-opening read — especially for those with any intimate acquaintance of the Bangkok bar scene!This is the first book from former blogger Crazy Horse, which documents his various exploits (and sexploits) over a year period in Bangkok city.

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